Chestnut Picking in Henderson, TX

Pick Chestnuts From Our Chestnut Farm

Come visit our family-owned chestnut farm. Located near Henderson, Texas, our orchard is carefully tended. We have high quality American x Chinese and Chinese chestnuts for sale.

At Texas Chestnuts by Evans Farms, you’ll experience the fun of picking your own delicious chestnuts September to October. Roam through our chestnut groves and pick up fresh chestnuts. Fill your bucket to the brim and purchase our harvest.

The orchard makes for a memorable experience with your family and friends. So plan a day of fun at Texas Chestnuts by Evans Farms.

Get Locally Grown Chestnuts.
The Easy Way.

1. Set Up An Appointment
Call or email us to find out the best time for you to stop by.

2. Wear Comfy Clothes
Be sure to dress comfortably as you roam our 12 acre orchard.

3. Enjoy
Have fun picking chestnuts off the ground. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.