American x Chinese and Chinese Chestnuts

Homegrown With Care

Go Nuts For Chestnuts

Are you searching for delicious, locally grown chestnuts? Look no further than Texas Chestnuts by Evans Farms. Have fun picking chestnuts in our orchard or select a chestnut tree to plant in your own backyard.

Our family owned chestnut farm is proud to serve Texas and surrounding areas from our farm 12 miles south of Henderson, TX. We specialize in growing high-quality American x Chinese and Chinese chestnuts that are blight resistant. Whether you’re wanting to buy your own chestnut tree, have a fun day picking chestnuts with your family, or just enjoy the scenic countryside, our farm is the place for you.

So set up an appointment, mark your calendars, and come see why locals love Texas Chestnuts.

The Best American Chinese Chestnut Trees

Blight Resistant

Being a cross between the American and Chinese Chestnut, our trees are blight resistant. You don’t have to worry about a fungus wiping them out. 

Highly Adaptable

Our chestnut trees thrive in different growing conditions, soil types, and climates. It does well in full or partial sun, and will tolerate drought.

Beneficial to Health

Increase your intake of fiber and essential minerals with these chestnuts. From roasting to baking, our chestnuts are the perfect addition to your diet.

Get Locally Grown Chestnuts. The Easy Way.

1. Schedule An Appointment
Come on by to visit our orchard.

2. Pick Your Chestnuts
Pick chestnuts in our orchard or choose a chestnut tree to plant.

3. Enjoy
Roast ‘em, boil ‘em, or put ‘em in a stew.

Fresh Chestnuts in Henderson, TX

Pick Chestnuts

Explore our orchard. Bring a few baskets, too. They’ll be overflowing with chestnuts.

Trees for Sale

Plant an American Chinese chestnut tree and pick fresh chestnuts from your own backyard.

Deer Hunters

Have a more successful hunt by planting chestnut trees on your hunting range.