About Us

Ken Evans is the owner and founder of Texas Chestnuts by Evans Farms. He saw the need for chestnuts in Texas and set out to fulfill it. Currently, the US imports 70% of chestnuts which equates to $20 million yearly. Ken found a way to make chestnuts more accessible and affordable for Americans by creating his own farm.

In 2019, Texas Chestnuts by Evans Farms was founded in Henderson, TX and it has been a local favorite ever since. Countless families have loved picking chestnuts from our orchard and choosing their own tree to plant in their backyard.

Texas Chestnuts by Evans Farms grows highly adaptable, delicious American Chinese cross chestnuts and different Chinese cultivars. We take pride in our farm and our chestnuts. We are excited to share our passion for chestnuts with you. Contact us, and let’s plan your next visit to Texas Chestnuts by Evans Farms.